Statement of Purpose
JewishLink is a research project that
seeks to uncover and study the lost
practice of Jewish healing in order to bring
it to the modern world. JewishLink does
not claim to offer healing to people who are
ill; actual healing support should be sought
through doctors, psychotherapists and
other  health care professionals.  The
ancient traditions throughout the world
have dealt with illness as part of their
cultural heritage. Judaism is no exception,
however most of it has probably been lost
through antiquity. JewishLink is compiling
a collection of Jewish healing sources. We
would be grateful if you can lead us to any
sources of healing information from the
vast compendium of Jewish literature.
Please email us with any information you
can share.

Wally Spiegler
is the founder and editor of JewishLink
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What We Think
We firmly believe that healing and
spirituality are synonymous. Within the
structure of Jewish tradition lies the
essence of Jewish healing. We think that
all the problems the Jewish people face
today are as a result of being in exile, from
themselves, from their fellow man and
from God. The plurality issues that are
hotly debated both here and in
Israel are at a stalemate simply because
we lack the spiritual ability to accept the
opinions of others. This lack can also be
observed by the over abundant rate of
intermarriage and the growing rate of
secular assimilation, both leading causes
that threaten the future of Judaism.

What You Think
We read all of your e-mail and respond to
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web site and questions you may have
related to Jewish spirituality and healing.
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We Need Your Help
JewishLink needs contributing writers. We
will consider any article, story, poem or
anecdote  that you are willing to submit, on
Jewish healing or spirituality, for
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presume to offer medical advice or
prescribe the use of any technique as
treatment for any physical or psychological
disorder without the consent of a
physician. This site should not be a
substitute for proper medical and
psychological care.  You can use the
resources here to complement
professional intervention. In the event you
use any of the nformation on this web site,
the author or web master does not
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The intent of this web site and any email
communication or discussion generated
from it is only to offer information of a
general nature to help you in your quest for
personal growth and healing.