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My training in spirituality comes from two
sources: holistic healing and the influence
of several acclaimed Jewish teachers. In
the early 80's during the years that I
began to study Kabbalah, I stumbled
across Polarity Therapy, a holistic healing
modality. Although not a Jewish system, it
deals heavily with the concept of spiritual
energy, the stuff from which the universe
is made. In 1987, I was certified as a
healer with The American Polarity

Jewishealing.com is a new approach to
spirituality that is clearly understandable
to even those who lack a formal Jewish
education. Without a proper background
in biblical Hebrew or previous training in
the vast sea of Jewish literature, this
volume supplements what we each need
to know in order merge with God.
The Jewishealing website was started  at the
turn of the twenty first century with the intent
of bringing online healing to everyone.It was
the conception of Wally Spiegler.
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All the unhappiness of human life
including all forms of illness and
discontent arises from distancing oneself
from HaShem, the ultimate spiritual force.

One of the most articulate new voices
today in spirituality, Wally Spiegler takes
us on a journey of discovery--into
ourselves and into the past--to find the
signposts that can help us live more
meaningful lives.

Spiritual activities, meditations, and rituals
can easily become integrated into our
daily routines. This website is a practical
and informative guide to the traditional
and the creative, that can help us
transform our everyday actions into
sacred acts of holiness.
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