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The Afternoon Service (Minchah)

This service may occur during the early afternoon or be combined
with the ma’ariv service. The Torah is read only on Shabbat and
Yom Kippur.

Ashrei - Prayer taken from Tehillim. The prayer Uva L'Tzion is also
recited (except on Shabbat and Yom Tov).
K’riat Shema and it's Blessings - On Shabbat and fast days the
Torah is recited.
    The Barekhu - Call to Prayer
    Blessings before the Shema
    The Keriat Shema
    Blessing after the Shema
Shemoneh Esrei - The Amidah (“standing”) prayer is recited. On
Shabbat and Holidays (Yom Tov), shorter versions are recited.
Tachanun - “Supplication” recited immediately after the Amidah.
Aleinu - Closing prayer of praise. “It is our duty to praise...”
Prayer upon leaving the synagogue