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Welcome to
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Jewish healing is built on the foundation
that healing and spirituality are
synonymous. Those who purue a spiritual
connection will heal more effectively. In
this site you can find helpful articles on
Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah), spirituality,
spiritual healing and Torah to assist you in
living a Jewish spiritual life. Just click on
the links to your left.

Practical tools and techniques for
healing. August 2014 (New)

The course in Jewish Healing begins
again each year  in the month of
November. Come back again each month
for the most recent updates.

Healing prayers

Disclaimer: this web site or any
email communication generated
from it does not presume to offer
medical advice or prescribe the
use of any technique as treatment
for any physical or psychological
disordonsent of a physician. This
site should not be a substitute for
proper medical and psychological
care.  You can use the resources
here to complement professional
intervention. In the event you use
any of the information on this web
site, the author or web master
does not assume any
responsibility for your actions. The
intent of this web site and any
email communication or
discussion generated from it is
only to offer information of a
general nature to help you in your
quest for personal growth and
Distance Healing
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