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Jewish Spirituality
Spirituality is the bedrock of Judaism. It is our
source of values, compassion, healing,
creativity,and abundance. What we call
values today cannot be learned from books.
They are learned from each persons
connection to their  spiritual component.
Judaism is a culture founded on spirit, our
Divine nature. Spirituality is not a matter of
how much you know about laws and
commentary; it's more about knowing

Jewishealing.com is an opportunity for all of
us to embark on a program of spiritual
development that promises to bring joy,
health, happiness and meaning into our lives.

When you get to know about your Divine
nature, you operate in harmony with yourself.
You then cease the struggle with your inner
personalities and you can live in health,
peace, joy and contentment. Jewish tradition
is how you can get there

Actualizing Tikkun Olam
The Power of the Imagination

The Shiviti
The Shiviti is a traditional Jewish art form used for meditation. It is based on the
biblical verse: "I have set God always
before me" (Psalm 16:8).
Experiencing Jewish

A Kabbalah Primer Simple
Meditation Made Simple
A Meditation on Repentance
Mini Meditations
Is Yoga For Jews?
Celebrating Purim

Current Trends
Today we're experiencing a great resurgence of interest in the spiritual
aspects of Judaism. Historically
renewed interest in Jewish mysticism
arose in response to traumatic
periods: the destruction of the Temple,
the expulsion from Spain, the false
messiahs and now the post holocaust
shock.Check out Articles on Jewish

We're also living in a period that
represents the greatest technological
changes since the dawn of mankind,
and as a result Jews along with all
others experience new forms of
suffering never before known to
mankind: the environmentally-caused
illness: heart disease and cancer,
AIDS, depression, anxiety, divorce,
drug and alcohol addictions, and
much more.
Many of us are fed up with these
tragedies. Many are now seeking
alternative lifestyles to cope with these
problems. Why not Judaism?

If you ever found yourself in a
synagogue or celebrating a Jewish
holiday and found the experience
unfulfilled, boring, disappointing,
meaningless, just click here and e-
mail and tell us your story. We'll try to
steer you in the right direction.

Discover Jewish spirituality for yourself
If you can afford three minutes to
experience the benefits of meditation.