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Jewish healing is built on the
foundation that healing and spirituality
are synonymous terms. Those who
pursue a spiritual connection will heal
more effectively. In this site you can
find helpful articles on Jewish
mysticism (Kabbalah), spirituality,
spiritual healing and Torah to assist
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Originally, energy healing and
mysticism was the work of the
Temple priests. After the  destruction
of the Temple, Jews fought for
survival nearly 20 centuries  and put
healing  and spirituality on the back
This site is non-denominational.  We
have no specific connections to  
orthodox, conservative, reform, or
Reconstructionist Judaism. You
might saywe're unorthodox.

Healing is our birthright. Every culture
that ever existed had a system of  
healing.  Judaism is no exception.
Jewish healing is extricably bound to
spirituality, our  religious/spiritual
tradition. Many Jews in search of
spirituality flocked to the Eastern  
religions because they couldn't find it

April 2014
The first Passover seder falls
out on April12th this year.
Healing at Passover

If you think that since you already went
through the Seder, drank four cups of wine
and consumed a sumptuous dinner than you
did Passover. You are wrong! There is much
more to Passover than that. This holiday and
its linkage to Shabbat and Rosh HaShanah
is truly a healing journey.

The excursion begins, as in all spiritual           
t ravels, in a state of bondage; a
circumstance by which one is enslaved to a
number of contents of consciousness—
thoughts, desires, and emotions.
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April 2014